Zest Delights – Citrus Flavors with Cheese

Citrus flavors show up in all kinds of recipes this time of year. Especially scrumptious with cheese, citrus zest makes everything mouth-wateringly tangy and refreshing.

Much like wine, zest pairs beautifully with cheese by providing just the right acidity to contrast with creamy cheeses, creating a perfect companion texture and flavor.

There are all sorts of ways to bring zest to the table, and with Il Villaggio’s lineup of authentic Italian cheeses, there are delightful options for appetizers, entrées and desserts.

Pecorino Shrimp Ceviche
Ceviche is a citrus-marinated appetizer that’s cool and delicious, with a delicious acidity thanks to citrus juices. Il Villaggio Pecorino Cheese gives this ceviche an incredible zest. The tart citrus juices combine with the Pecorino to create a truly refreshing appetizer.

Taleggio-Romano Lasagna Rolls:
Taleggio is an authentic Italian cheese with a spicy smell and a wonderfully mild, earthy flavor. Its subtle texture makes it ideal for melting. Along with grated lemon zest and earthy mushrooms, there’s so much flavor you can make delicious lasagna without meat. Try savoring this luxurious Italian classic with a light, vegetarian twist.

Lime Pie with Mascarpone
Our mascarpone is so sweet and creamy that it’s easy to whip up simple desserts. It’s versatile too, pairing with chocolate as well as tangy flavors like lime. Try making a simple cheesecake with Mascarpone and dash of grated lime zest.

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