Simple Steps to Gourmet Mozzarella di Bufala Burger Perfection

With barbecue season right around the corner, everyone is looking for that “IT” burger to feed to your friends and family. Lucky for you, we have the ideal cheeseburger that is perfect for any type of barbecue you will be hosting this spring and summer. Follow these 3 steps to create the ultimate Mozzarella di Bufala Burger!

STEP 1: Choose the cheese
Smooth, melted mozzarella di bufala cheese turns ordinary hamburgers into gourmet cheeseburger meals. Our Il Villaggio mozzarella di bufala melts perfectly and is ideal for all burgers. The flavors of the cheese is delicate yet bold. They enhance the beef without taking over your palate. The note of pleasing sourness that lingers on the tongue creates a mouthwatering affect, leaving you wanting more.

STEP 2: Prepare the patty
For a burger to be truly gourmet, use frais ground beef. You can even ask a butcher to mix in short ribs, sirloin or brisket. A higher fat content will be more flavorful. Season your patties with plenty of salt and pepper and start cooking by vigorously grilling the outsides of the patties to seal in the juices. Next, turn the heat down and slowly cook to your preference. It’s best to apply the mozzarella di bufala to the patties just as they finish cooking. The meat will be hot enough to create a luxurious melted cheese texture that mingles with the juices and crusted texture of the patty.

STEP 3: Finish with toppings
Crisp lettuce and tomatoes give burgers crunch and texture. Spinach adds a hint of bitterness while ripe tomato is deliciously acidic. Grilled onions and mushrooms bring an earthy flavor to mozzarella di bufala burgers and are a great way to try something different. Garlic adds a sophisticated flavor and enhances the burgers’ enticing aromas. Skip the standard ketchup on a burger this refined. If you need a sauce, try gourmet mustard like Dijon for a spicy kick.

Want to grill up a burger with the most flavors you can possibly imagine? Simply include bacon. Mozzarella di bufala and bacon burgers explode with an incredible amount of complimentary flavor.

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