Taste of Tuscany

The Italian Kitchen

Tuscan cuisine is known for simple cooking and fresh, local produce. Pasta is emphasized less there than in other parts of Italy. Tuscan food focuses more on proteins and vegetables.

Fabulous cheeses are a big part of Tuscan-inspired recipes, too, of course. Explore the timeless flavors of Tuscany with Il Villaggio!

Butternut Risotto with Taleggio and Sage
Famously common in Tuscany, risotto is a creamy, slow-cooked rice dish that can be paired with a variation of different flavors. Our hearty, simple risotto recipe features butternut squash; a classic fall vegetable that’s full of hearty yet mellow flavor. Rich Taleggio cheese provides an irresistibly creamy texture and real Italian flavor.

Asiago Minestrone Soup
This hearty soup features a plethora of hearty vegetables and cannellini beans. Don’t forget the Il Villaggio Asiago cheese, which adds a bold, salty flavor that rounds out the other flavors. This is a soup meant to be enjoyed during the winter. It’s warm, filling and Tuscan!

Gnocchi with Parmigiano-Reggiano Cream Sauce
Gnocchi are little bite-sized potato pasta blends. Light and airy, gnocchi is best served with a rich Parmesan cream sauce made with Il Villaggio Parmigianio-Reggiano.

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