Pizza Burgers on the Grill

Pizza Burgers on the Grill

Pizza and cheeseburgers – two meals that never go out of fashion! This summer, add a little classic pizza flare to the grill with an Il Villagio Pizza burger!

From gourmands to family picnic planners, burgers are one menu choice everyone can agree on. To make the boldest burgers of the summer, you’ll need something a little extra – Il Villagio Mozzarella! Sure it’s the classic cheese known for chicken parmigiana, pizza and calzones but mozzarella is a super versatile cheese that’s also fantastic on grilled burgers.

When heated, its delightful elasticity makes for a really unique burger texture that highlight the meat and plays deliciously off of toppings, especially fresh tomatoes.

Il Villaggio Mozzarella’ unique texture absorbs the flavors of what ingredients it’s paired with. That’s why its relatively mild flavor is so perfect for all the bold Italian classics it’s known for. To up the flavor of burgers this summer, use tomatoes that are fully ripe and add a touch of basil and olive oil the cheese. Up the flavor even more by dousing the burger with any marinara sauce and finishing with a thick bun to keep all the delicious juiciness contained! Just like regular pizza, the options for pizza burger toppings are limitless. Adding pepperoni slices, pineapple, pickles, onions, mushrooms and green peppers are just a few of the options.

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