Light Sandwiches & Salads with Cheese

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Not all-Italian food has to be heavy! Light, refreshing fare is an Italian specialty, too. With Il Villaggio Cheeses, it’s easy to savor spring the Italian way!

Warm weather calls for bold, fresh flavors. Brighten up your diet with our spring inspired salads and sandwiches!

Mozzarella Sandwich
Kick off spring the right way with this ultra-fresh, easy-to-prepare sandwich. An invigorating delight, it features bright heirloom tomatoes, avocado and crusty ciabatta bread. Our milky Il Villaggio Mozzarella provides a tasty contrast to chunky olive presto.

Fruity Spring Salad with Gorgonzola
This light and refreshing salad is an ideal lunch and works as a light dinner, too. Full of seasonal fruits and vegetables, its juicy crunch is just right with salty, crumbly Gorgonzola, which adds the perfect amount of salty flavor. Arugula adds an element of spicy balance.

Smoked Turkey & Asiago Sandwich with Tropical Relish
This sandwich is full of fresh sweet and tangy flavors. Savory smoked turkey is contrasted by a tropical relish made from mango, pineapple, and kiwi. Asiago cheese is the perfect complement to the tropical relish because of its fruity, nutty taste.

Il Villaggio Mozzarella & Tri-Colored Pasta
This light and lively pasta salad dish features tri-color pasta made with tomato and spinach. Chunks of fresh Il Villaggio Mozzarella add depth, while juicy grape tomatoes, crunch cucumber, crisp bell pepper, and flavorful Kalmata supply the fresh texture and balance.

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