Greens with Mozzarella & Eggs

Savoring flavorful green salads is one of the best things about summer eating. Adding scrambled eggs and Mozzarella is a hearty twist that makes green vegetables more satisfying and delicious.

It’s easy to do with Il Villagio. Our Mozzarella adds irresistible texture and absorbs the flavors of other ingredients, making eggs and green vegetables come alive with deliciousness. The milky cheese is neutral enough to pair deliciously with all sorts of ingredients. So mix and match with fresh vegetables, sauces and meats.

Mozzarella, fresh spinach and tomatoes along with basil and classic Italian vegetables like eggplant are a simple route to a fabulous omelet.

You can also make a gourmet breakfast wrap by adding green leaf lettuce or spinach to a cool summer wrap, like Chicken Caprese with Mozzarella. Caprese salad is a zesty summer staple that’s easy to add to because of its emphasis on simplicity and freshness. Add a dose of fresh greens and scrambled eggs seasoned with Italian herbs and spices and you’ll have an ultra flavorful dish in no time.

For something extra zesty and satisfying, use mozzarella with basil pesto and fried eggs and spinach. Basil pesto is delicious with spinach and mozzarella and it’s easy to spread on a soft roll or baguette to create an outrageously flavorful breakfast sandwich.

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