Gorgonzola with Pears

The Italian Kitchen

Blue cheese and pears – the possibilities for flavor are endless. The best fruits to have with cheese pack enough moisture and acidity to cleanse the palate with a contrasting flavor.

Our Gorgonzola Dolce adds luxurious flavor to many classic Italian dishes. Its creamy texture and salty aftertaste make it a delicious companion for fruit – especially sliced pears.

Pear and Prosciutto Bruschettas are the perfect way to explore this gourmet pairing. Bruschettas are an authentic Italian appetizer anyone can make. Sliced pears, balsamic vinegar, prosciutto and blue cheese combine beautiful – salty and sweet and creamy and juicy. Serve them on toasted slices of baguette for a snack everyone will be raving about.

Another way to savor pears and blue cheese is in a salad. Blue cheese crumbles add a delightful twist for any green salad, and sliced pears offer the perfect companion. salad with crumbles of big flavor Italian blue cheese. Try tossing your favorite collection of greens with toasted almonds or walnets, vinaigrette, sliced pears and Gorgonzola. It’s enough flavor to kick off a gourmet feast in style and can be bulked up with grilled chicken to serve as the main course, too.

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