Seasonal Pairing Recommendations: Fall & Winter

Seasonal Pairing Recommendations: Fall & Winter

Il Villaggio cheeses make irresistible flavor companions to cold weather favorites. From tossing a fall vegetable-filled salad to dusting a hearty pasta dish with just the right grated cheese – there’s an Il Villaggio cheese that’s just right. Don’t forget the beverages – our authentic Italian cheeses are so flavorful they perfectly compliment thick seasonal beers and full-bodied red wines.

Toast seasonal flavors with an assist from our new pairing guide!

What better way to to enjoy Italian cuisine than pasta? With melted cheese and herbs, pasta satisfies the heartiest appetite. Try our Pasta in Creamy Fontina-Vodka Sauce. The rich and creamy delight features authentic Fontina and Padano cheeses. For something bolder, try our Creamy Four-Cheese Artichoke Lasagna. Even the most discerning ray ban sunglasses sale cheese lovers will be wowed by its blend of favorite Italian cheeses.

Fall fruits like apples, pears, grapes, and cranberries taste great with Italian cheese. For a simple and savory fall treat, slice some apples and pears – they’re delicious with a creamy, spreadable cheese like our authentic Mascarpone! To make a sweet fall treat with a dose of autumn flavor, bake the fruits and sprinkle with cinnamon!

Every beer lover knows that seasonal craft beers are at their peak of flavor in the fall and winter seasons. It’s the perfect time to explore exciting new cheese and beer combinations! Strong ales, IPAs brewed with fragrant wholesale nfl jerseys spices and imperial stouts are delicious with Il Villaggio Fontal. The tender cheese has a nutty, buttery flavor and sweet aftertaste. For an all-Italian happy hour, look for an Italian stout, like Birra Del Borgo Re Porter. Its notes of fudge, espresso, raisins, and figs make an intriguing companion to strong cheeses like Provolone Piccante fake ray bans and aged Taleggio.

Cold weather calls for a more full-bodied wine. Red wine lovers are in luck – any Italian red is delicious with Il Villaggio’s gourmet cheeses! For a jordans for sale truly authentic Italian indulgence, set aside some Parmigiano Reggiano and serve Shades it with Lambrusco, a medium-bodied, flavorful red made in the same region.

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