Simple Six Course Italian Feast

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An Italian dinner often features courses, with each one featuring a different aspect of Italy’s fabulous cuisine. A truly authentic Italian dinner is divided into five parts – and each one often features the country’s famous cheeses. Using il Villagio Cheeses to experience the best in Italian foods is a great way to savor a genuine Italian feast.

If five courses sounds like a lot, worry not – read on for a nice and simple way to savor a five-course Italian meal!

Antipasto: Any traditional Italian meal begins with Antipasti. It means “before the meal” in Italian and it’s a course of simple combinations with big flavor. Don’t make things too complicated – make some simple, gourmet cheese appetizers with Il Villaggio Cheeses and two or three other ingredients. A simple Mozzarella Caprese Appetizer, Gongonzola Crostini with Honey or Parmesan Roasted Asparagus Appetizer are great options.

The primo: In Italy, pasta comes after the initial appetizer. While not the main entre, the primo is more of a heavy-duty appetizer. Soup or polenta can work for this course, but if you want real Italian flare, pasta is the only option. Try some of our pasta salad recipes. They are cool, light and full of flavor. Cheesy pasta salads will ramp up any meal.

The secondo: Next up is the main course, called il secondo. This is traditionally the entrée, but you won’t find any massive portions here. It’s quality, not quantity for Italian entrees. Chicken or fish in reasonable portions with simple vegetable and sauces on the side are common choices. Il Villaggio Parmigiano-Reggiano Chicken Surprise is a nice choice here. It includes baby red potatoes and fresh peas – a side dish of vegetables that can also serve as the contorno – the vegetable plate that’s also considered a formal course.

The dolce: And finally, we get to the sweets. Dessert ends every traditional Italian meal. There’s no shortage of awesome desserts featuring Il Villagio Cheeses – but you will never go wrong serving Tiramis. Our Mascarpone’s unmatched creaminess makes for an unforgettable dessert. The incredibly creamy cheese makes an airy treat that’s not too heavy yet full of bold and satisfying flavor.

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