Italian Cheese Board Appetizers

Italian Cheese Board Appetizers

Appetizers are easy when they’re served Italian Style! You just need a little Il Villagio cheese to spark up the flavors.

Il Villagio makes it easy to kick off the summer. Use the fine flavors of authentic Italian artisan cheese to make a simple cheese board! Add a few accompaniments and let your guest make there own custom appetizers. It’s all about easy flavor!

Don’t save these simple spreads for big time parties. Snacking, casual hors-d’oeuvres and more are all just a few Il Villagio cheeses and simple accompaniments away! Italian cheeses are delicious with crisp and cool white wines and light summer beers, too.

When setting up your summer cheese board, variety is the key. Select cheeses with different textures and aromas. Include sharp, fresh, smooth and creamy cheeses to ensure variety. Il Villagio makes it easy! Try serving three-five ounces of:

Il Villaggio Pecorino Romano has an intensely sharp flavor that’s salty and full-bodied. It’s a great cheeseboard choice because the robust profile is easy to distinguish.

Mascarpone provides a great contrast to the savory cheeses. When served with its salty counterparts, mascarpone’s famously sweet and creamy profile really shines! The triple cream texture provides delicious contrast, too.

Gorgonzola Dolce is a milder version of our aged Gorgonzola that’s perfect for cheese lovers looking to explore Gorgonzola for the first time. Serve it along with our Gorgonzola Piccante, its stronger counterpart, for the ultimate blue cheese experience!

Provolone Piccante is a classic Italian cheese that’s delicious on any cheese board because its firm texture is ideal crackers and sliced fruits.

Accompany the cheese with Almonds, flatbread crackers, thin slices of Italian bread, summer berries, grapes, pears, olives, ripe tomatoes, basil and olive oil all can easily create classic flavor combination with cheeses. Serve you favorites alongside the cheeses and let everyone mix and match!

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