Holiday Entertaining – Italian Style!

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Il Villaggio makes it easy to kick off the holidays with flavor! Cheese boards and simple finger foods are the perfect way to add delicious flare to holiday parties. You don’t have to be a culinary master to serve a gourmet appetizer spread – some Il Villaggio cheeses and a few accompaniments are all you need!

Nothing beats a cheeseboard. Simple and filled with flavor, it’s the perfect way to prepare your guests’ palates for a holiday feast. Italian cheeses are delicious with seasonal wine and beer, which can add exciting flavor pairings to the revelry.

Italian Cheese Board for the Holidays

Variety is the key. Pick cheeses with different textures, aromas and alternate between sharp, fresh, smooth and creamy profiles. Il Villaggio makes it easy to ensure a range of different flavors. Try serving five ounces of each of the cheeses below. Be sure to explore our cheese pages for more delicious options.

Il Villaggio Pecorino Romano has an intensely sharp flavor that’s salty and full-bodied. It’s a great cheeseboard choice because its robust profile is easy to distinguish with different flavors.

– Our Mascarpone provides a great contrast with its triple creamy texture. When served with salty counterparts, its sweet and creamy profile shows off the versatility of Italian cheeses.

Il Villaggio Gorgonzola Dolce (sweet) is a milder version of aged Gorgonzola – making it perfect for gourmet novices. Serve it along with our Gorgonzola Piccante, its stronger counterpart, for a great blue cheese experience!

Provolone Piccante is a classic Italian cheese that’s delicious on any cheese board because of its delightful firm texture. Perfect with crackers, it pairs excellently with meats, vegetables and especially juicy pears.

– Accompany the cheese with almonds and hazel nuts, crackers, thin slices of Italian bread, dried dates and figs, grapes, pears, olives, tomatoes, basil and olive oil. All can easily create classic flavor combinations. Serve your favorites alongside the cheeses and let your guests mix and match!

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