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Italian cooking is known for satisfying meals, full-flavored meals. Luckily, this big flavor doesn’t have to come with a side of excess calories. With Il Villaggio’s lineup of authentic Italian Cheeses, it’s easy to savor real flavor in healthy meals and snacks.

Caprese Salad with Il Villaggio Mozzarella & Fresh Pesto
A classic salad, Caprese features simple ingredients with different bold, complementary flavors. Fresh, all natural goodness makes this a healthy choice all year long. Tomatoes, fresh basil, and Il Villaggio Mozzarella cheese really come alive with the dressing.

Il Villaggio Fontal & Garden Vegetable Ragout over Polenta
Polenta is a classic Italian dish that is similar to grits. However, this is no ordinary polenta. Sautéed zucchini, carrots and tomatoes add a wealth of nutrients and Il Villaggio Fontal Cheese gives it an irresistibly savory flavor.

Il Villaggio Gorgonzola Piccante Garden Salad
This garden salad features a few simple ingredients, but doesn’t skimp on bold flavor. It’s a great way to add healthy vegetables to your diet. Creamy and tangy Gorgonzola Piccante dressing brings the salad to life without cramming it with calories.

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