Family Style Italian Presentations

We’re celebrating summer family feasts by featuring some of our favorite family-style Italian dishes. From cheesy pasta sauces to satisfying salads to simple savory appetizers, Italian cooking is all about family dining and cooking for a crowd.

Family style dining means presenting big portions and letting everyone at the table dig in. It’s a lively way to eat – fun and easy to serve a crowd, no matter how hungry they are!

So enjoy these family-dining tips. Buon appetito from Il Villaggio!

Cheese Spread Appetizer
To set up a charming summer appetizer spread, all that’s needed is a curated selection of Il Villaggio Cheeses, thick Italian bread, fresh summer produce and a few sliced meats. Feature a variety of contrasting cheeses like our intensely sharp Pecorino Romano, ultra-creamy and sweet Mascarpone, salty Gorgonzola Dolce and firm and savory Provolone Piccante. Place the items on small wood cutting boards with small serving plates on the side for the whole gang to put together a custom appetizer spread.

Pasta Entrée
A wonderful Italian family meal has to include pasta. Pasta served in large size platters is one of the easiest entrées to serve family style. Sauce and noodles can be combined in advance or served separately. Our Potato Gnocchi with Parmigiano Reggiano recipe is full of delicious natural flavors. Though it’s a hearty dish, it works any time of year. If you really want to beat the heat, try cold pasta flavored with Il Villaggio. Our vodka sauce recipe is a classic option, combining delicious cheeses Grana Padano and Fontina Val d’Aosta with sweet tomato sauce.

Salad on the Side
A true Italian feast always includes a salad. Serve it on the side at the same time as the pasts. Main dish salads make great weeknight diners and can make for nice casual family-style menus when served with bread and meats. Our Fruity Spring Salad with Gorgonzola is a great addition to any meal. Arugula leaves topped with succulent raspberries, crunchy walnuts and crumbly, salty Gorgonzola.

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