Desserts to Treat Your Sweetie

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Sweets are easy to love – but they’re even better with something savory.

Italian cheeses are featured in some of the world’s most-loved desserts. Whether an ultra creamy helping of Mascarpone alongside an irresistible cold dessert or a bold dose of Gorgonzola to enhance the sweetness of your favorite fruits – adding Il Villagio to sweet treats makes for memorable desserts.

Try these one-of-a-kind treats and share them with someone special!

– Il Villaggio makes an authentic Italian Mascarpone cheese that’s sumptuously creamy and sweet. The triple cream cheese is fabulous with ice cream and frozen yogurts like vanilla, caramel or any fruit flavors. Tryserving Mascarpone with vanilla ice cream. Anything from fudge to honey can be included – the ultimate in easy homemade gourmet sweetness!

– Il Villaggio Gorgonzola Dolce is the perfect way to use bold savory flavor to balance out sweeter desserts. This Oranges with Balsamic Caramel and Gorgonzola Dolce recipe is a blast of contrasting flavors. With a side of bright orange sherbet, it’s a site to behold, too! Gorgonzola is a great companion for other ice creams as well. For something simple and divine, look for pear flavored ice cream – the mildly sweet flavor tastes terrific with the bold blue cheese.

– Mascarpone Cheese is ultra-versatile when it comes to making standout desserts. Try this Hazeulnut Shortcakes with Mocha Mascarpone if you want some luscious treats that won’t take much effort to make. Hazelnuts, Mascarpone Cheese and Coffee-flavored liqueur combine into a smooth delight that’s an ideal way to end any meal

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