Cool Summer Wraps with Italian Cheeses

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Ditch the bread this summer and go for something lighter. Wraps are the perfect summer snack and a great way to take a break from sandwiches. Fill them with fruits, vegetables, deli meats and more for something refreshingly cool and satisfying. Of course, you’ll need some extra flavor to make a truly tasty wrap. It’s easy with authentic Il Villaggio Italian Cheeses! Try our sandwich wraps and enjoy healthy snacking all summer long.

Chicken Caprese Wrap with Mozzarella
Caprese salad is a zesty summer classic that’s all about simplicity and freshness, with smooth mozzarella cheese punctuated with zesty, sweet tomatoes. Package the flavorful salad in a wrap and take it on the go for lunch! Layer slices of our milky, delicate Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and grilled chicken in a whole-wheat wrap. Garnish with fresh basil leaves and balsamic vinegar before wrapping.

Asiago, Bacon, Avocado & Tomato Wrap
If you’re a fan of BLT sandwiches, this wrap has an extra flavorful twist you’ll love. Make a super-satisfying wrap by spreading light mayo on a tortilla, then topping with crisp bacon strips, layers of sliced tomatoes and avocado, fresh lettuce and grated Il Villaggio Asiago cheese. The cheese adds an intensely savory, sharp flavor to a classic mix.

Turkey, Apple, Provlone Piccante Wrap
Juicy turkey and crisp, refreshing apples are a delightful pairing. Spread honey-mustard on a tortilla and then layer slices of turkey and sweet apple. Add fresh baby spinach for a nice crunch. Sliced Il Villaggio Provolone Piccante brings all the flavors together. The pungently aromatic cheese adds a deliciously sharp and salty contrast to the fresh ingredients.

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