Cheese Bags: Keep Your Cheese Fresher, Longer

There’s nothing worse than treating yourself to an expensive piece of cheese, then having to toss it in the trash a couple of days later because it’s hardened or gotten moldy. The fact is, since it requires striking a delicate balance between moisture and air exposure, keeping cheese fresh in the refrigerator is extremely difficulty and tricky. Unless, of course, you’ve invested in Cheese Bags, which will keep your cheese fresh far longer than any other homemade wrappings can possibly do.

What it’s supposed to do: As cheese releases moisture, tight wrapping encourages mold, while loose ones let it dry out and harden. Cheese bags’ two-ply material-wax-coated paper lining with thin, porous polyethylene plastic, allows the moisture to wick off the cheese but not escape it entirely.
Time to compare tests: We tested the bags on brie, goat cheese and cheddar and we also wrapped them in homemade double-wrapped combination of parchment and foil, which we found works better than wrapping cheese in the usual plastic wrap or bag. Then we put both sets of samples in the refrigerator and checked on them every other day for one month.

The Results: The cheese bags worked for a solid two weeks longer than our homemade wrap.

Bonus: When you open and reclose the bags, they dont fall apart or rip like homemade wrappers do.

Who should buy it?: This is a perfect product for cheese fans who don’t feel like eating an entire chunk of cheese in one sitting.

THE VERDICT: Cheese bags are a great investment to help keep our cheese fresher longer.

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