Our story

Our storyNo other brand offers you the breadth of premium Italian cheeses that Il Villaggio does: a staggering variety of the most popular and traditional cheese specialties, found in the varied provinces and their respective villages that dot the Italian peninsula.

All are selected from the best Italian cheese makers: many carry the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) quality stamp, and even exceed the aging standards defined by the Italian consorzio.

Variety, quality and tradition make the cheeses of Il Villaggio the finest ingredients for the creation of authentic Italian cuisine.


Traditional Cheesemaking is Protected

Many gourmet and specialty cheeses are still made today using time-honored methods and ingredients in their originating regions throughout the world. These authentic cheeses are of superior quality and historical importance, and they are given government name-protected status. In the last few years, the European Union has created the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) system to protect specific foods made within certain communities. Various cheese producing countries have set up Denomination of Origin systems—DOP in Italy—which protect the names of their best cheeses.