Ricotta Salata is a classic lasagna cheese. But that’s not the only way to enjoy this authentic favorite. Grate it over salads, serve with vegetables or just drizzle honey over it and enjoy. No matter how it’s served, Ricotta Salata is righteously Italian! With a firm texture of fine, moist and delicate grains, Ricotta Salata has a supple, mild taste that includes nutty notes and a sweet milky flavor.

Ri-coh-tah Sah-lah-tah Tohs-kah-nehlah


Ricotta Salata originated in the hot, dry island climate of Sardinia because the shepherds had an excess supply of fresh ricotta. Instead of wasting their fresh ricotta, the resourceful shepherds added salt, pressed and aged it for two more months. It was traditionally served to important guests and offered as a sacrifice at religious ceremonies. Ricotta Salata is now enjoyed by all, but remains righteously Italian.

Il Villaggio Ricotta Salata Toscanella is firm, not solid and consist of a mass of fine, moist, delicate grains. It is neither salted nor ripened.

Ricotta Salata has a supple, mild taste. It’s not sheepy or salty, but has a rather nutty, sweet milky flavor.

Ricotta Salata is primarily used in lasagna, but its versatility lends itself to many dishes. Dice or shave into salads of all kinds, particularly pasta salads and spinach salads, or serve with fresh or grilled vegetables, beans, and fruits. For a real treat, spoon honey over the cheese.

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