It was only towards the end of the 18th century that Mozzarella di Bufala became a widely consumed product. This was thanks in part to the Bourbons who found a large buffalo farm set in the Reggia di Carditello, the royal estate of the Spanish dynasty in the province of Caserta, where an experimental dairy was attached for the transformation of the milk.

In 1996, Mozzarella di Bufala was officially recognized as a Denomination of Protected Origin (DOP) cheese on the basis of being produced exclusively with buffalo milk from the area of origin and created with a technological process that complies with the production regulations.

Did you know?
This extraordinary animal is much more than even the most common myths that have been created around its name. The expression "rage like a buffalo" could not be further from the truth as this is a beast that is both very calm and very patient. The expression (in Italian) of something being a 'bufala' or something untrue has nothing in common with the "bubalus" whose story is true to the core. The genuine and unique nature of the product derived from its milk can be resembled to this gentle giant's character.

Il Villaggio Mozzarella di Bufala is guaranteed 100 percent fresh Buffalo milk, never frozen. Buffalo milk has a different composition to that of other animal species whose milk is used for cheese production so it can be easily digested because of its limited lactose and cholesterol content. It is also an excellent source of protein and contains high amounts of vitamins.

Note of pleasing sourness that lingers on the tongue.

Mozzarella di Bufala has a delicate flavor and can be served alone topped with a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil paired with a Chianti or Pinot Gris wine.