Il Villaggio Montasio is an authentic cheese produced using time-honored methods harvesting cow’s milk only from northeast Italy. The production of this cheese has been protected by the Montasio consortium and has held the Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) status since 1986.


Pressed Cooked Cheese Family


Montasio belongs to the big family of Alpine cheeses and originated around the 13th century in the valleys of the Julian and Carnic Alps by an unknown monk from the Moggio Abbey. At that time, sheep’s milk was used to make Montasio but was later changed to using cow’s milk. The production techniques used by the local cheese makers were developed, refined and quickly spread through the valleys of Carnia and in the Fruili-Veneto plain.

A gentle technology is used to slowly form the cheese while keeping its nutritional characteristics. After aging for 6 months, the rind becomes drier and the paste becomes a straw yellow color that is firm yet crumbly.

Sweet and nutty with a good tangy kick. This Montasio has a full-bodied flavor that is savory and aromatic. Pairs well with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.

A flavorful cheese that is very adaptable. Great with crusty Italian bread, melted on pasta or baked in casseroles. Have it with prosciutto, pears and red wine. It’s also great on paninis, in risotto, or in macaroni and cheese. It goes well with a variety of beverages such as red wine, cranberry juice, and sparkling grape juice.