Il Villaggio Mascarpone is a sweet and creamy delight. The triple cream cheese is made with milk from cows that eat grass punctuated by fresh herbs and flowers, producing a deliciously clean flavor. Delectable in everything from entrées to desserts, try it with ice cream for a cool late summer treat. Mascarpone is incredibly versatile. A famously intricate part of dessert classic tiramisu, it’s also delectable in savory delights like baked potatoes and pasta sauces.



Mascarpone is a cow’s milk cream invented in southern Italy around the 16th century. The name Mascarpone may be related to the root of the Italian verb mascherare, to “dress up” or “camouflage.” This relates to the way the cheese is made. It begins from mascarpa, a by-product extracted from the whey left over from making stracchino and is then coagulated with lemon juice and drained.

Il Villaggio Mascarpone is made exclusively in Lombardy, Italy using only selected cream produced in respect to the Italian dairy tradition. Il Villaggio Mascarpone uses real lemon juice as a starter to produce a soft and smooth, spreadable texture.

Sweet, rich, and cream-like with a mild buttery flavor.

Mascarpone is often added to famous Italian desserts. Tiramisu is a delicate dessert made with Mascarpone, liqueur and lady fingers. Incidentally, Tiramisu means “pick-me-up.” Mascarpone serves as a great accompaniment to fresh strawberries and raspberries.