Il Villaggio Fontal is iconic of Italy’s cheeses. As old as the Coliseum itself, Fontal is silky, sweet and highly regarded. With its natural rind, our Fontal is aged 60 days and devoured by all.



Fontal is a cow’s milk cheese originating from Italian Alps where it has been made for centuries. It is very similar to Fontina d'Aosta, but has evolved into a distinct cheese of its own and can be produced in a wider area of Italy.

Pale-straw color, with tiny holes distributed throughout. Fontal has a mild and milky flavor made from partially skimmed, pasteurized milk.

Il Villaggio Fontal is a tender cheese that offers a nutty, buttery flavor and leaves behind a sweet aftertaste. It is similar to Fontina d’Aosta, but not quite as full flavored.

Fontal is fun as a snack with crackers and it is a fabulous cheese for melting. Use as a gourmet alternative to mozzarella when making pizza, sandwiches, fondue or raclette.