Il Villaggio Grana Padano is made in the same tradition as it was when it was first made over 800 years ago. It was the very first cheese to receive high distinction by the European Union with its Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) recognition. As one of Italy’s oldest cheeses, it has deep ties to the Italian culture. Intensely flavorful, our Grana Padano is aged for at least 18 months, ensuring its vast appeal.

Grah-nah Pah-dah-noh


Intended initially for aristocrats in the 12th century, Grana Padano quickly became savored by all. Grana, means grain and indicates a hard, aged, granular cheese. Padano refers to the Po Valley where the cheese is made. Grana Padano is produced in five regions of Northern Italy.

Il Villaggio Grana Padano is a hard, fine-grain cheese, with a light straw color. Grana Padano can be sold after 9 months, but Il Villaggio Grana Padano ages for 18 months, which intensifies the flavor and aroma and creates consistency. It takes 16 quarts of milk to make 2.2 pounds of Grana Padano which accounts for its heavenly richness.

With fruity overtones that evoke pineapple or strawberry, the flavor may change slightly depending on the season. Grana Padano is milder than Parmigiano Reggiano.

Excellent for grating over Italian dishes such as risotto. It can also be flaked over salads and carpaccios (raw beef).