Il Villaggio Asiago D’Allevo Vecchio is highly regarded by Italians. It is hailed with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) certification and aged 12 months to receive its distinct “Vecchio” rating. Il Villaggio Asiago D’Allevo Vecchio will make the average cook an instant chef.

Ah-zee-ah-go dah-leh-voh veh-kioh


Asiago cheese originates from the village of Asiago and was first made with sheep’s milk back in the 16th century. It is now made with partially skimmed cow’s milk made in small batches with. Asiago received a Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) status in 1979.

Il Villaggio Asiago D’Allevo Vecchio is conceived through a long, slow maturation process to create a fruity, slightly sharp cheese with a compact, granular interior full of small holes. After 12 months it resembles honey in color and has a dense grainy consistency to receive the “Vecchio” (aged) certification. The texture is firm, granular, crumbly, and grates easily.

It is an inspiring cheese. Il Villaggio Asiago D’Allevo Vecchio is intense and sharp.

Excellent as a table cheese, serve with salami, crusty bread, grapes, figs or a light and fruity wine. Try it grated over pastas, potatoes, soups, rice and salads, or melted in quesadillas, omletes, sandwiches and pizza. It goes well with a variety of beverages such as red wine, cranberry juice, and sparkling grape juice.