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79 Responses to Promotions

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  4. Albert Peruzzo says:

    love parmigiano

  5. Cathleen Salas says:


  6. Daniel Covaleski says:


  7. Kathryn Brown says:

    Every salad and sandwich tastes better with cheese.

  8. Cate Sparks says:

    Lovely selection of wonderful cheese.

  9. Syed Ibad says:

    love it

  10. Suzanna Pickering says:

    what a tasty giveaway ty for the chance to try some wonderful new cheese

  11. Rosemarie Mendivil says:

    Oh i LOVE Cheese.

  12. Ronni Fox says:

    I love your cheeses and hope to win some.

  13. Catherine Mallon says:

    You can never go wrong with this cheese, baking, appetizers, try a cheese bread. So delicious

  14. Rimanda Goodwin says:

    love your wonderful cheeses

  15. Stephenie Sutton says:

    I love gorgonzola in an Alfredo sauce!

  16. Mark Dwyer says:


  17. Kathryn Hoehn says:

    Would love to win!

  18. Jane Sandona says:

    this entry form does not work properly

  19. Bill Toutz says:

    good cheese

  20. NANCY HOLLIS says:

    Can’t wait to try new cheeses

  21. Lana Dillon says:

    would love to win

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  23. Alexandra geraci says:

    this looks amazing

  24. Kate says:

    Cheese. Yum.

  25. Cathy Klinger says:

    I love it!

  26. Deacon Maccubbin says:

    You say to enter every week, but when I just tried to enter (after entering last week okay), I got a message that said I was already entered and I couldn’t enter again.

  27. Faye B says:

    who wouldn’t love to win this tasty prize?

  28. Michelle Benedetto says:

    Thank you!

  29. Genevieve Warren says:

    love any kind of cheese especially all the French cheeses…. they are the “masters” of cheese

  30. jeanette schroeder says:

    cheese my favorite food

  31. emily grazis says:

    hey dude

  32. Joan Leonard says:


  33. kay milne says:

    love Italian cheese

  34. April says:

    The rules for your Italian classics cheese basket sweepstakes state “one entry per week,’ however I have not been allowed to enter weekly since the contest began. Please advise. Thank you.

  35. Daniel says:

    Looks tasty

  36. m. kaplan says:

    love your cheeses

  37. kathie regennitter says:

    Is this where I enter?

  38. Rimanda Goodwin says:

    I love cheese we always sample new cheese’s at our party we would love to give us a try to sample thank-you

  39. neky Jackson says:

    Can we see a picture of this nice cheese basket for the weekly giveaway

  40. neky jackson says:

    Do you have any photos of the cheese basket for the weekly giveaway

  41. Patricia Paul says:

    MMmm Cheese! Italian Cheese are simply the BEST πŸ˜€

  42. neky jackson says:

    Do you have any photos of the cheese baskets

  43. Jill Spackman says:

    I love to try different cheeses.

  44. audpaul says:

    Interesting cheeses

  45. Tim Mooney says:

    Cheese, cheese, Creamy CHEESE!!

  46. Hope Rabi says:

    Would love to try it- love to cook Italian!

  47. Patricia says:

    My husband is from MN and grew up near cheese factories. He learned to love American cheese at a young age. But he wasn’t overly educated on Italian cheese till he married me and I showed him what real Italian cooking could taste like. I banned the green jar of grated cheese from our house, along with any pasta that came from a can. He even use to believe that spaghetti grew on trees like in the TV commercial. I introduced him to freshly grated parmigiano and part skim ricotta. He now knows the difference between an Alfredo sauce and a Carbonara sauce. I would love to win your cheese basket!

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